The irony of Xtraction Coffee is that its inception, surprisingly, comes from a person who didn’t like coffee! While traveling some time ago, Pete came across a unique drink called cold brew concentrate. Although never a lover of hot coffee, Pete was not only hooked on the taste and body of the cold brew, but even more inspired by the unique technique in brewing the coffee, which involved freezing. Back home in San Diego, Michael, who grew up in the espresso-heavy city of Miami and already had a love for coffee, became a fan of the cold brew immediately after his first taste.

From there curiosity and experimentation took place and what started as a hobby, step by step has grown into Xtraction Coffee. It is our geeky love of science and food chemistry that inspires us to identify the perfect combination of bean blends and concentrate levels for a ready to go drink that is truly a bean apart.

In addition to brewing delicious cold brew coffee, the manner in which we do this is of paramount importance to us. Our thought process is truly grass roots. It is stemmed from the people and raw processes of the coffee bean supply. Freshness, flavor and Fair Trade are at the forefront of our minds when we select our beans. And, due to our unique deep freezing technique water waste is minimal, which is greatly beneficial here in beautiful Southern California. Lastly, our beans will finish their life cycle composting into the nutrients that will fuel another plants life ! Throughout the entire brewing process, every step we take is with environmental mindfulness, that will ultimately result in as little a carbon footprint as possible and respecting our impact on Mother Nature.