Located @ Downtown Works – 550 West B Street, San Diego, CA 92101

What makes Xtraction Cold Brew unique?

Lets first start with what exactly Cold Brew is. Simply put, it’s coffee that is brewed cold, never using heat in the brewing process.  This technique affords cold brew coffee some key differences over traditional hot brewed coffee.

  • Richer flavor profile
  • Less acidity
  • Longer shelf life (would you drink 3 day old hot coffee?)
  • Higher caffeine content

Traditionally, Cold Brew is crafted using a toddy or drip system, where water is poured over the ground beans and left to sit and drip for hours upon hours. This system has worked for over a century and produces a quality cup of cold brew, but at Xtraction Coffee we are always looking for new innovative ways to produce the best quality products possible. An example of this is our unique deep freezing technique used in our brewing process, which leads to a cup of cold brew full of flavor. We use only the finest coffee beans from around the world and believe that quality ingredients and good science make for a great combination! In addition, being environmentally conscious and leaving a low-carbon footprint is at the top of the priority list, and is considered in every decision we make.

Xtraction Cold Brew Macchiato

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Serving the Finest Cold Brew Coffee in America’s Finest City – San Diego, CA.

Our Coffee Grazias tastes bad ass! The best coffee beer we have brewed yet.

Jason Stockberger – Head Brewer at Mike Hess Brewing

Thanks so much for kicking ass at CreativeMornings/SD. Everyone loved the cold brew!

Nate Spees – Partner, Strategy Director at Grizzly & Host of CreativeMornings/SD

I enjoyed every minute I spent drinking this coffee...good to the last drop.

Allen Glines – Coffee Critic